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Welcome to the official website for East Looe Town Trust

East Looe Town Trust is changing its Facebook page. In line with improvements in social media security this original ELTT account now appears bearing the name of the Admin, Brian Galipeau, a Trustee.
Wooldown Bee Glades Year Two Progress Update

Wooldown Bee Glades Year Two Progress Update

As the spring flowers appear on the Wooldown the bee project enters its second year. Patrick Saunders from Kernow Ecology Long horned Bee Project has been working with East Looe Town Trust to protect the very rare Long Horned Mining Bee. The bee has declined by 75% in Cornwall it is now only found on about 7 sites. The main problem for this bee is the decline or lack of traditional flowery meadows. The Trust and Kernow Ecology have created 2 bee glades and one large meadow on the publicly accessible Wooldown East Looe. These meadows were a success in their first summer with Long horned Bees regularly using the new areas. The Lookout Meadow is developing to become a traditional hay-meado... Read more >>

24 April 2018

Rock slide on the second East Looe beach - steps open to the public

Following a recent rock slide on the second East Looe beach at the beginning of the month, the steps were briefly closed to the public. As soon as the slide was inspected by a Cormac engineer on behalf of Cornwall Council, they were reopened. Richard Hocking of Cormac visited the site and made an assessment that the slide and did not pose a danger to pedestrians using the steps, nor a risk to the cliff path above it.

17 April 2018

Rock slide on the second East Looe beach - steps open to the public

About the East Looe Town Trust

The East Looe Town Trust, a registered charity, owns open areas such as the East Looe Beach and Seafront and the Wooldown, as well as buildings, including the Old Guildhall and Gaol, which houses the Museum, the “new” (1878) Guildhall and a number of other properties.

The Trust is responsible for the maintenance of all these areas and buildings for the benefit of the community now and in the future. We have three members of staff, one in the office and two keeping the public areas looking attractive and the buildings in a proper state of repair. All of this can be expensive and we receive no grant from Cornwall Council or Looe Town Council for these purposes. Our income derives mainly from leases and the seafront carpark which, accompanied by constant downward pressure on costs, enable us (just) to balance the books. Where funds are available we make modest local charitable donations.

We are often surprised by some of the issues that we have to deal with like waste removal and bathing water quality but it all serves to keep us on our toes! We strive to work cooperatively with the town’s other bodies and the benefits of that are seen in developments like the Looe Bathing Water Quality Partnership.

We try to keep the public informed on our website and through social media. We welcome interest and enquiries and, within our limited resources will try to respond as best we can.