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Trust Information

The East Looe Town Trust was established by Trust Deed in 1890 after the former East Looe Town Council ceased to exist. It was registered as a Charity in 1964 and was then regulated by a scheme of the Charity Commissioners dated 28 May 1980.

We became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) on 5th May 2016. Our CIO number is 1166934. Visit the Charity Commission website and enter our number to view our information and trust accounts.

The East Looe Town Trust is responsible for the maintenance of East Looe Beach and Seafront and the Wooldown as well as the Guildhall, the Old Guildhall Museum and a number of other properties for the benefit of the community now and in the future.


Brian Galipeau

Chair Brian Galipeau

Phil Gibson

Vice Chair Mr Phil Gibson

Andy Bishop

Andy Bishop

Colin Freemantle

Colin Freemantle

Claire Lyden

Ms Claire Lyden

Sam Tanner

Mr Sam Tanner

Laurie Tansley

Mr Laurie Tansley

John Warne CB

John Warne CB


Nina Bond

Office Admistrator - Ms Nina Bond

Jane Day

Trust Manager - Ms Jane Day

Antony Scarah

Maintenance Manager - Mr Antony Scarah