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Located in East Looe, the property enjoys a busy position on Higher Market Street, which is a popular position between Fore Street and the beach.

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19th December 2019

November News

As the year advances it is customary to reflect on events throughout the year. One of

the most visible changes is that the Trust has taken delivery of a new blue tractor to

keep the beach clean and welcoming. After a social media campaign the tractor has

been named Looe b’Lou – a name suggested by Cheryl Turner. The Trust are

grateful to the financial donations towards the tractor from West Looe Town Trust

and Looe Town Council.

You may also have seen our new water refill station on the seafront – which has

proved very popular and the Trust are proud to be playing a part in reducing the use

of plastic in the town. The cages on the beach for reusable beach items have

proved very popular and the Trust are pleased to be working so closely with the

Looe Marine Conservation Group who have assisted with this project.

We have continued to work with other members of the Looe Bathing Waters Project

to improve the quality of bathing water in Looe. The vital support given to this from

across the community continues to pay dividends and the Environment Agency have

just announced our best ever rating of “good” for 2019. This is very impressive

progress in a matter of a few years from poor, through sufficient to good and it will do

a great deal to reinforce the town’s reputation as an attractive tourist resort.

Trustees were pleased to be able to support organisations in the town by charitable

donations of money or office support and look forward to continuing this support.

The Old Guildhall Museum & Gaol has had a very successful year and our wonderful

team of volunteers are working on various projects for next year – including some

very exciting new additions. Check for updates on our website and facebook page.

Our volunteers work very hard – not only in the museum greeting and assisting

visitors, but also helping to research and organise items both in the museum and

from home. If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, please contact the

Trust Office on or 01503 263709.

The ‘New’ Guildhall has been host to several weddings this year – local couples and

visitors from further afield. The Guildhall Chamber is a lovely place for a wedding

ceremony, with the stained glass windows and the impressive vaulted ceiling. We

have hosted small ceremonies with just two witnesses (and a dog) to large groups

with 60 guests. We can vary the layout to make it a truly personal wedding so if you

are thinking of popping the question over the festive season – then contact the office

to book the Chamber for your special day.

As always, Looe will look fantastic at Christmas with the lights around the town. The

Trust has a new lighting scheme to make the Rose Garden look festive and will be

working with Looe Harbour Commissioners to welcome Santa to his grotto.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a healthy, prosperous 2020!

The Chairman and Trustees

14th November 2019

Guildhall Offices Vacancy

Due to the relocation of Looe Town Council the offices they have occupied for some time will now be coming available.

Any persons interested in the offices or require further details please contact the East Looe Town Trust office or see the details at the following link.

29th October 2019

September 2019 News from the East Looe Town Trust: Tractor being off-loaded after delivery
Tractor being off-loaded after delivery

September 2019 News from the East Looe Town Trust

Throughout the summer you will have seen our hard-working maintenance team out on the beach and the seafront.  We have had some lovely summer weather and are pleased that so many people visited and enjoyed their time on our beach.  Our distinctive orange Kubota tractor has become a familiar sight on the beach over the years – but this will now change.  The Trust have been supported by other organisations in the town and have taken delivery of a replacement tractor – a blue New Holland tractor which, following a competition on facebook, will have a name – look out for the new tractor and follow us on facebook to find out what name it has been given.

After much hard work and co-operation with other agencies – this summer saw the installation of the water refill point on the seafront.  This free to use facility is easy to use and is suitable for most types of water containers.  The Trust are pleased to make such a positive contribution to the reduction of single plastic use in the town and continues their work to reduce waste and improve our environment. 

Despite summer coming to a close, the work doesn’t end and there will now be some much needed maintenance work on some of our buildings.  You may have noticed the scaffolding around the Watchtower on the seafront – this is for essential maintenance of the building – including replacing guttering as well as some work on the stonework, roof and windows.  
The Old Guildhall Museum and Gaol has had a busy season so far, with visitors enjoying the regular puppet shows on a Tuesday.  The museum is staffed by volunteers who work very hard on new displays and exhibitions as well as activities for all the family to enjoy.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer to help in the museum or help to maintain the exhibits then please contact the Trust Office for more information.   The museum also has a wealth of information and photographs for those people interested in tracing their family tree.  Please call in and speak to our friendly volunteers who would be delighted to help you find out more about your family as well as general information about the interesting history of our town and occupants.  

12th September 2019

Water Fountain at East Looe Town Town Beach: Re-Filling Water Containers
Water Fountain at East Looe Town Town Beach:
Water Fountain at East Looe Town Town Beach:
Water Fountain at East Looe Town Town Beach:
Water Fountain at East Looe Town Town Beach:
Re-Filling Water Containers

Water Fountain at East Looe Town Town Beach

East Looe Town Trust have installed a water fountain on East Looe Seafront, close to the ramp leading to the beach.

This free to use facility is provided to help reduce single use plastic containers. The water fountain enables most types of water containers and is perfect for access to easy and clean water.

The simple push button device has a filtered water flow of one gallon per minute.

Phil Gibson, Chair of East Looe Town Trust said ‘We are delighted to provide this facility at no cost to all users and to help everyone (and their dogs) remain hydrated. We hope it will make a positive contribution to the reduction of plastic use in our beautiful town’.

 It reinforces other measures the Trust have recently taken to reduce waste and help make the area environmentally friendly.


21st July 2019

Summer News

There have been a few changes to Trust staff in the last few months – Jane Day is now in place as Trust Manager and she has been joined by Nina Bond as Office Administrator.  Our maintenance team of Antony and Billy have been joined for the summer, by Sim Daley.  You will often see them out and about, not only looking after the beach, seafront and Wooldown areas but also doing essential maintenance on our historic buildings – such as the Guildhall and the Museum.

Our beautiful, multi award-winning museum is open until November.  Due to the hard work and dedication of our volunteers, our museum was one of five Cornish museums to benefit from a successful bid to the Coastal Communities Fund to use virtual and augmented reality technology to take visitors on a compelling immersive and interactive journey to the past.

We are hoping that visitors and locals will have the time and suitable weather to enjoy our wonderful beach.  The team work hard to maintain the beach and would ask that you use the suitable bins – including the cages for larger bulky items.  The Trust work closely with other agencies with regard to water quality and conserving our environment and hope that you will all help keep our beach litter-free.  With help from Looe in Bloom we are now working on improvements to the appearance of the Rose Garden.  For further details on our projects and work within the town, please visit our website -  

We look forward to supporting many local events, of which Looe Carnival Week is one of them - with activities starting on 29th July, with the sand modelling competition on the beach on Wednesday 31st July and of course the Grand Carnival Procession on Saturday 3rd August.


From the Chairman and Trustees

19th July 2019

New Trust Appointments

The Trust Board is pleased to announce two new appointments. After a competitive selection process, Jane Day has been appointed Trust Manager. Jane was the Office Administrator but due to the departure of the Trust Manager, for family reasons, the vacancy was created. The selection board unanimously promoted Jane to Trust Manager.

Jane has a new colleague, due to her promotion causing an office vacancy. Nina Bond has been appointed to the role of Office Administrator. Nina has a strong background in operations and working with a wide range of people from different disciplines.

Trust Chairman, Phil Gibson said ‘I am pleased that we have been able to strengthen our office team with two talented and capable people and I look forward to working with Jane and Nina to help drive the Trust forward.’

27th June 2019

Trust Prepares for Summer Season

The summer season is fast approaching and Trust staff are busy getting the beach and seafront into great condition to welcome visitors and locals. This year we will trial bins for disposable barbecues, as these are potentially dangerous for our staff to handle and, when still hot, can melt our bins! Barbecues are permitted only if they do not cause danger or annoyance to other beach users. We will also put cages on the seafront where people can putitems like boogie boards, buckets, spades, waterguns etc. One will be for bulky, broken items, so they don't block up our bins and the other one will be for items people don't want to take home, but which someone else can use. Hopefully this will help reduce the amount of waste and the avoid some items ending up in the sea.  

In June the Trust hopes to take delivery of our new tractor so we can continue to take seaweed off of the main part of the beach and smooth the beach out of holes and sand mounds. The Trust is very grateful to generous contributions from West Looe Town Trust and Looe Town Council towards the cost of the tractor -over £22,000.

After 2 1/2 years with the Trust, Trust Manager, Anona Vazquez-Masson is leaving us. She has been an enormous assetto the Trust, introducing much-needed modernisation, and will be greatly missed. Our best wishes go to Anona and her family. We hope to have a new Trust Manager in place soon to keep the Trust on track with all the work coming up. Simeon Daley is joining Antony and Billy in the Maintenance Team over the busy summer period keeping the seafront, beach and Wooldown clean and tidy.  

Our beautiful, multi award-winning museum opened for the season on 1st April, with many changes and improvements already in place and more to come soon. It is well worth a visit to find out fascinating and surprising things about the history of Looe and its people.

From the Chairman and Trustees


20th May 2019

Re-opening of the Looe Old Guildhall Museum & Goal : Captain Bond Cutting the Tape to Open the Museum
Captain Bond Cutting the Tape to Open the Museum

Re-opening of the Looe Old Guildhall Museum & Goal

On the 1st April the Museum opened its doors for a new season with a flourish of good news and achievements. To mark the opening for the new season the puppet based on Captain Thomas Bond sliced through the ribbon with his sword. Captain Bond was a famous son of Looe and Commander of the East Looe Volunteer Corps, The Diehards, established to defend the town during the Napoleonic wars 1798 – 1810 Their motto was ‘Never Say Die’

Mayor, Armand Toms (pictured with Museum staff) said how pleased he was with the success of the museum and what a credit the 19 volunteer staff were, and its success was down to their fantastic effort.

The museum has a fascinating collection of artefacts which give an insight into the Town’s history over the ages. Entry fee has been held at £2.00 per adult with children under 18 free entry.

Petra Stephenson, Manager of the Museum volunteer group, said how pleased she and her fellow volunteers are in their success and being able to tell stories from Looe and involving the whole community.

Petra said ‘The museum’s share of a recent £700k grant (£135,000) we won will be used to towards an immersion reality project in conjunction with Falmouth University - we look forward to being able to use the Reality possibilities in the Museum to enhance our artefacts and stories of Looe’.

Last year the Museum attracted approximately 5,000 visitors and over 1,000 children.

The museum will remain open until mid-November. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 11.00am to 4.00pm. Weekend opening is 11.00am to 1.30pm, longer if there are sufficient volunteers.

Further details on the Museum are available on our website

3rd April 2019

Trust News

News from the Trust

March 2019

As spring and the beginning of the holiday season approaches, the Trust is busy preparing.

We are about to invest in a new tractor to help us maintain the Town Beach in peak condition for residents and visitors. This is just one of the many things the Trust spends its funds on: we are looking at further repairs to the Guildhall in the next few years and ways to make encourage more use of the wonderful chamber and other rooms, as well as expanding the project to look at a long-term use for the Old Lifeboat Station and Watchtower. We will keep you up-to–date as these develop.

Another investment we have recently agreed is to improve and renew the signage on the seafront, so those using the beach and seafront will have clear information on how to use those areas safely and so everyone can enjoy them. We will also be giving our workshop a much-needed facelift, with roof repairs and images of Looe in the windows. We will also give our faithful white pick-up a makeover, with a wrap to show she belongs to the Trust and advising against feeding the local seagulls, so they don’t develop bad habits and cause problems for people.

The Trust allows many organisations to use our land and facilities, and this year will see part of the Looe Live festival back on the beach, holiday activities run by the United Beach Mission, Looe Lions Easter Egg Hunt and Cinema on the Beach, to name but a few. We look forward to seeing lots of people enjoying the wide range of activities this year and hope the weather will be kind.

Our wonderful maintenance team – Antony and Bill – are doing some work on the Wooldown to support our ongoing project to encourage more long-horned bees (a rare species), and other work to encourage more biodiversity by removing dead trees, unwanted buddleia and saplings that threaten to crowd out the undergrowth in the wooded area on the edge of Barbican Hill. The wood they are cutting down will be made into log habitats in the woods for invertebrates and small mammals.

In a bid to reduce the waste and bulky items (polystyrene boards, buckets and spades etc) from going into our rubbish bins, our Maintenance Manager had the bright idea of putting cages onto the seafront for visitors to use: one for broken items and another for things they don’t want to take home, but are happy to leave for others to use. We hope this trial will prove successful and encourage everyone to make use of it.

Our lovely museum is about to open its doors again – on 1st April – with new exhibits and far more information and history on our new screens, with funds generously awarded by the Co-op Community Fund and the South West Museums AIM – both of which our volunteers were proud to win last year.

Finally, our website has had an update which includes daily information on Looe weather, tides and bathing water conditions.

From the Chairman and Trustees

18th March 2019


The role involves manual work, so applicants must be physically fit. The successful candidate will work as part of a small team maintaining the beach, seafront and other Trust properties. This is a public-facing role, so candidates must be approachable and represent the Trust and Looe positively.
There is the potential for the period to be extended, depending on weather conditions.
This role could be done by one or two people over the period, if other commitments did not allow for the whole period.
Job specification:
1. The tasks would cover removal of rubbish from the seafront bins, Wooldown and clearing any rubbish found on other Trust properties.
2. The successful candidate/s would be contracted to work 6 days a week – with Tuesday as a rest day.
3. The work hours would be 7:00am – 1:00pm.
The wage offered would be in excess of the minimum wage.
This will not involve driving, so applicants will have no requirement for a licence.
There will be a trial period of 1 week during the Easter Holidays – during the week beginning 15th April 2019, although there is some flexibility on precise dates.
Background information on the Trust is available on our website:
The Trust would welcome enquiries in person, vie telephone or email from those who are interested.
Closing date for expressions of interest: 29th March, 2019
Enquiries to the Trust Manager, 1st Floor Guildhall, Looe PL13 1AA
Tel: 01503 263709, Email:

5th March 2019

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