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March 2019

As spring and the beginning of the holiday season approaches, the Trust is busy preparing.

We are about to invest in a new tractor to help us maintain the Town Beach in peak condition for residents and visitors. This is just one of the many things the Trust spends its funds on: we are looking at further repairs to the Guildhall in the next few years and ways to make encourage more use of the wonderful chamber and other rooms, as well as expanding the project to look at a long-term use for the Old Lifeboat Station and Watchtower. We will keep you up-to–date as these develop.

Another investment we have recently agreed is to improve and renew the signage on the seafront, so those using the beach and seafront will have clear information on how to use those areas safely and so everyone can enjoy them. We will also be giving our workshop a much-needed facelift, with roof repairs and images of Looe in the windows. We will also give our faithful white pick-up a makeover, with a wrap to show she belongs to the Trust and advising against feeding the local seagulls, so they don’t develop bad habits and cause problems for people.

The Trust allows many organisations to use our land and facilities, and this year will see part of the Looe Live festival back on the beach, holiday activities run by the United Beach Mission, Looe Lions Easter Egg Hunt and Cinema on the Beach, to name but a few. We look forward to seeing lots of people enjoying the wide range of activities this year and hope the weather will be kind.

Our wonderful maintenance team – Antony and Bill – are doing some work on the Wooldown to support our ongoing project to encourage more long-horned bees (a rare species), and other work to encourage more biodiversity by removing dead trees, unwanted buddleia and saplings that threaten to crowd out the undergrowth in the wooded area on the edge of Barbican Hill. The wood they are cutting down will be made into log habitats in the woods for invertebrates and small mammals.

In a bid to reduce the waste and bulky items (polystyrene boards, buckets and spades etc) from going into our rubbish bins, our Maintenance Manager had the bright idea of putting cages onto the seafront for visitors to use: one for broken items and another for things they don’t want to take home, but are happy to leave for others to use. We hope this trial will prove successful and encourage everyone to make use of it.

Our lovely museum is about to open its doors again – on 1st April – with new exhibits and far more information and history on our new screens, with funds generously awarded by the Co-op Community Fund and the South West Museums AIM – both of which our volunteers were proud to win last year.

Finally, our website has had an update which includes daily information on Looe weather, tides and bathing water conditions.

From the Chairman and Trustees

18th March 2019

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