Community News - January 2020

New ELTT Chairman

It was an honour to be appointed chairman of the East Looe Town Trust for the coming year, and I pay tribute to the skill and hard work of Phil Gibson who steps down as chairman after two years. He has agreed to take up the vice chairman role and I am grateful for his experienced back-up.

Christmas and New Year celebrations

The Trust was delighted to contribute again to Looe's Christmas lights and celebrations. This Christmas we invested in a new low energy catenary which created a cheerful canopy of lights above the Rose Garden. It was a great setting for seasonal events, choirs and band. Trust staff and resources also supported the brilliant town display masterminded by the Harbour Commissioners and Looe's enthusiastic Christmas lights volunteers. Trust staff also pitched in to help with the excellent children's, and midnight firework displays on New Year's Eve on the East Looe seafront. They had an early start next morning cleaning up broken glass and making the seafront clean and safe ready for the New Years Day swim.

Old Guildhall Museum and Gaol

We salute the hard work of our volunteer museum team who have now moved the exhibits back into the museum which had been moved to allow for significant building works in the Old Guildhall Museum and Gaol. The listed building, which is in the care and ownership of the Trust, required internal wall trusses following structural engineering advice. The work was carefully done, and we think you will hardly notice it. Pop in when the museum reopens in the Spring and check it out yourself.

Listed Building projects

Listed buildings are expensive to maintain. Our first priority project is the restoration of the Old Lifeboat Station and Watchtower, for which we are seeking funding.  An early stage of the project is public involvement and consultation, which could feature events this Easter.

Second, the Guildhall Clocktower is again going to be clad in scaffolding, which will allow several things to happen. The displaced weathervane will be replaced, and the clock faces and mechanism will be inspected and repaired. A full survey of the clock tower structure and masonry will be completed by a specialist surveyor and specifications drawn up for work later in the year.

Dogs on East Looe Beach

Trustees have noted that Cornwall Council are reviewing their rules about dogs being allowed onto beaches controlled by them.  But ELTT would like to make it clear that East Looe town beach, which is owned and maintained by them, will remain fully dog free throughout the year. We recognise that every day of the year can be a sandcastle day on our beach and standards of hygiene and good behaviour will be maintained year round.  Second beach and Hannafore are dog friendly.

New town centre boutique

Finally we are delighted that Q for Quirky has decided to open their new boutique in Looe. It will join their successful branch in Tavistock.  You will find them in the Guildhall Rose Garden where the town council used to be - and will be amazed at the transformation.


Brian Galipeau

Chairman, on behalf of Trustees.

28th January 2020

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