April News


Regular Wooldown users have noticed the steps up from the South Coast Path to Lower Windmill Field have been replaced.  Antony and Bill have made a good job of widening and levelling the steps.  There are more water run-offs now which should help break the water flow during heavy rain, and make a longer lasting job.


Five years after the first appearance of Country Conservationís remote controlled flail mower, they  brought it back to clear the Mount Ararat and Coast Path bee glades.  On the first occasion the flail mower had to deal with bracken and bramble up to 6 feet high, and opened up long-lost sea views from the Island to Rame.  This time the job was to keep strong regrowth down and push back the encroaching old manís beard from the margins of the glade.  The bee glade conservation scheme is designed to encourage the natural regrowth of vetches and wild flowers that provide nectar for bees and butterflies.  

Our target species is the rare long horned mining bee.  It lays its eggs in cliff-side burrows and is holding on precariously in the clay and shillet cliffs above Second Beach, which is subject to frequent cliff falls.  ELTT is pleased to working with Paddy Saunders of Kernow Ecology who provides consultancy and hands-on strimming effort on the glades, along with our maintenance team.


CORMAC is working on safety work on the blocks to fill uneven surfaces  They will be making sure, where they can, that walkers can pass by the works, and access from the Second Beach steps will be maintained at all times to avoid people being cut-off by tide.  Signed routes for dog walkers across the sand below the blocks have been made when required.

The February storms brought sand and spray which raised the level of the beach against the sea wall almost to the top.  There were deep drifts of sand across the seafront running out into Church End.  While the tractor worked hard clearing the beach sand back, the team had to work even harder with shovels and barrow to clear the seafront.  ELTT is grateful to Looe In Bloom who are already working to restore the seafront flower and plant beds.  Pictures here:  https://www.facebook.com/795941230586296/posts/1723264571187286/

Looking ahead to the new bathing season, we will be putting up our new beach safety and information signage, which we hope will help us maintain our historically strong beach safety record.  Meanwhile Spring is here, and we are pleased to see the Looe Sailing Club boats arriving back on the seafront, and the return of the Looe Sea Swimming Club which is going from strength to strength.


Following our recent vacancies publicity, we welcome three new trustees to our Board.  Sam Gill is in business in town and is a member of prominent Looe family with an active interest in the town's heritage.  Sara Hawkins lives in West Looe, and is a former officer in the Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps, and an Occupational Health advisor.  Petra Stephenson lives in West Looe is a musician, teacher, and is active in several local organisations, not least as the leader of the Looe Museum management team.  All trustees are unpaid volunteers and we are grateful for their support.

16th April 2021

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